Memento Mori

Some monthes ago, a very peculiar girl made her entrance on the doll stage. I’m thinking about the dark and Romantic Skully from Misterminou. Some of you may have noticed, the display models for the preorder were painted at my workshop, I had shared them then, without going through much details. The preordered ladies are […]

Upgrade of the Form

Hello everybody ! Some of you already tested it, but the order form was recently upgraded. Thanks to this, the registration system through the website should be swifter, and I hope it will prevent the order page from bugging. When you fill-up the form (be sure you complete all the questions) and send it, you should […]

“Seer on Demand” 2018 Event

Hey everyone! Last year, I started to work on a very peculiar line of OOAK doll heads, the “Seer Series”. These dolls were meant to crystallize my most nostalgic pop culture influences, from the epic kawaiiness of shoujo aesthetics to the creepiest codifications of horror. Surrealistic, cute, uncanny… the Seers were designed to fit all […]

In Your Eyes

Hey marsu-pals ! I’m super glad to announce that I’ve been recently working on resin eyes, and that I’m now able to propose them to fits your custom Koala Krash heads. ♥     I’ve designed two lines of Anime Eyes, that fits my aesthetics needs: colorful, with a lot of reflections and contrasts that gives […]

Appi Parade ♥

The Appi Cotï and Appi Cotä from Dust of Dolls preorder are reaching their owners, and happily I had the chance to paint a few of these cutties! ♥       Of course there also were many other cool projects, here’s a few. As usual, for more dolls and details, don’t forget to follow […]

Water Lillies

  Though the Winter allowed us to make a lot of amazing pictures of our dollies in the snow, I bet many of you are as impatient as I am for warmer days to come! As we wait for the Spring, let me introduce you to a doll I recently painted for a customer: a […]

A Tale of Pastel and Dragons

Hey you!   Since  the realease of the PlaPico serie on Aileen Doll, I’ve been frequently asked if I’d accept to paint these pretty garage kits dragons. Because I didn’t want to rush anything, I ordered some and tried it for myself (a.k.a. crash test dolls), creating these two pretty OOAK babies:       […]

Farewell 2017 !

  Dear readers, First, I wish you all a marvelous year! May 2018 be full of good surprises, beautiful projects, and of course joy. As you may have noticed, the website hasn’t been updated a lot last year, but 2017 was still full of projects: I created a YouTube Chanel, on which I’ll post presentations […]

Winter Schedule

Hello everyone, LDoll has been over for almost one month now, and I thought it would be time for a round-up. I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your kind words, it’s incredibly encouraging to have such nice feedback! -^_^- The tiny Radishes (see the previous article) painted for Creatures Dolls […]