First Post

Welcome of the official Koala Krash website, which I’m glad to inaugurate with this very first post!

Most of you already know me from social networks or collector’s forums, on which I’ve offered my services for over eight years now.

Your enthusiasm really encouraged me these last few years, and it’s gotten more and more crucial for me to offer you a brand new, clean and concise, platform which will clearly display all that may concern the commissions I take.

From now on you can take a look at my work conditions and at my price list without going to a forum. Also, if you’re not registered on the dedicated platforms, you’ll still be able to take contact with me to talk about your projects, through the contact form of the website.

I still invite you to follow news about my work on social networks like Flickr, Facebook or Instagram, where content is more spontaneous and regulars, but I hope this website will meet your standards.

See you next post! ^^

Image: Ylisande Twigling