Ldoll is Coming !

Because it starts pretty soon now, I guess it’s time to talk about Ldoll!

For those who never heard of it, it’s a GREAT French festival about collectible dolls that takes place in Lyon next week.  For more information, check their website!

And of course, I’ll be there! I won’t have a booth, but I still have a few important things to tell you.


If you want to give me some doll’s heads IRL during the festival, so I can paint them in November, then send it back to you, it will totally be possible! Please feel free to contact me before Tuesday so we can discuss your project.
(Heads only please, I won’t have a lot of room in the car)



Also, three dolls I customized will be open for adoption during the event. They are make-ups I realized for the doll-maker Mewie Fish, on her last model, a delicious jointed radish!
You’ll be able to buy them on her booth, Creatures Dolls, during the week-end.

I’ll probably wear a koala necklace, so if you recognize me, please feel free to come and chat (keep an eye open for a tall girl with pink hair).
See you soon for a crazy week-end! ^_~