Memento Mori

Some monthes ago, a very peculiar girl made her entrance on the doll stage. I’m thinking about the dark and Romantic Skully from Misterminou.
Some of you may have noticed, the display models for the preorder were painted at my workshop, I had shared them then, without going through much details.

The preordered ladies are now home with their owners, and I can’t resist the envy to share some more of these girls I painted.

Skully was one of my favorites from the recent releases, Old School or Kawaii Goth, everything seems to fit her! ♥

I will also take this opportunity to announce that I’m attending this year’s LDoll Festival in France! In partnership with some doll creators, as usual, but also on a Koala Krash booth!
Stay tuned, I will give you a taste of what will be exposed soon.

Have a nice summer!