Preparing LDoll…

Dear everyone,

I’m super excited to confirm that I’ll be attending the LDoll Fest 2018!

For those who never heard of it, LDoll is a big contemporary dolls festival, who takes place in Lyon (France). This year edition will be on the week-end of the 27th and 28th October.

So, what will you be able to find on Koala Krash’s booth?

– Dollfie Dream (and other Anime Dolls) heads
– Resin ball-jointed-dolls
– Aileen Doll’s baby dragons
– Resin eyes (mostly Anime)
– And of course… me! So feel free to come and chat, I’d be so happy to meet a lot of you!




Every product that will be on display and for sale will  be One of a Kind.  The leftovers of the fest will be upped on the website’s store after the event.

Another surprise for the festival will be revealed this Fall, stay tuned!
Meanwhile, let me introduce to you these lovely casual Anime heads I painted for the occasion… Hope you’ll like them! ♥

~ Clem