Puppy Eyes incoming!

I’ve been talking about this for a while, but now is the time: the Puppy Eyes will soon be available!

When I started working on Anime Resin Eyes, I decided to focus my work on two main objectives:
– I wanted to aim for a one-size-fits-all format.
– The style needed to fit a manga esthetic, but remain shiny and deep in order to help their dolls look alive.

After a long period of experimentation, using a variety of techniques and mediums along the way, I am happy to announce that both these objectives have now been met! So let me give you all the details.  #nerdalert


Model “Nebula” in bubblegum, on a Moonlight Smartdoll


The Puppy Line uses 18mm diameter eyes with a type of iris more akin to what is usually used for 20-22mm “anime” eyes.
Basically, this means it will fit wonderfully on dolls habitually fitted with 20-22mm eyes. But, with the widening effect of such deep-set eyes, they also look great on dolls that usually take 24mm eyes!


Model “Happy Kitty” in purple, on a tan MDD


Furthermore, their 18mm diameter finally offers a solution for dolls that can not be fitted with larger eyes, but that would look great with large irises.

These models are more numerous than you might think: Mister Minou’s Skully, many Obitsu and Parabox heads, the larger resin dragons from Aileendoll, and many other petdolls, which don’t look great with apparent white rims.

“Happy Kitty” dark red on a Skully / “Nebula” green on a Super Dollfie / “Nebula” purple on a Skully / “Happy Kitty” royal blue on a Rot Aileen Doll


And finally, because of their shape as well as the use glitter and extra shiny paper, these eyes strongly reflect light, even when in shadows. Alongside this, their depth creates the illusion of life and mouvement for your doll (sorry for those with pediophobia out there!).

As of writing this, I am dedicating my eye-making time to creating pairs of a wide variety of colors in preparation for the LDoll festival. I am laying out the glitter, crystals and other textures individually for each pair, making them all unique. And I can confirm that the two first designs I have created (“Nebula” and “Happy Kitty”) will be available during the festival.



Starting in November, I hope to put a few pairs up for sale on a regular basis via my website and on social media.

I hope this first collection of eyes will be up to snuff, and with to thank all those who have directly or indirectly supported and followed this project! ♥




Model “Nebula” in grey, on a tan MDD