About Me


I stumbled upon the world of collectible dolls in 2007, initially Pullips and then Ball Jointed Dolls.

Today, I customize these, but also a lot of other dolls, such as Blythes, Dollfie Dreams, Smart Dolls… and way more!

Still, resin dolls make up the biggest part of my work, so I’m a bit more used to them.

My painting style is very heavy in a graphics sort of way. I particularly like to work on texture, gloss effects, patina, etc. And I do everything by hand no air-brush nor dyeing.

Though I do enjoy doing classical face-ups, painting an entire doll to make her unique is my guilty pleasure.

Your craziest projects will make my day!

After ten years studying art (applied arts, costume school and later fine arts), I decided to go full-on professional in the doll world, in which I really flourished.

Though I’m still working and other endeavors and projects, I’m now devoting a certain amount of time to doll customization exclusively, but I’m also working on my first big prototype: Tantra.

Behind the curtains, I’m a typical Parisian suburbanite. I love to take long walks, travel, do some culinary experimentation, gardening, enjoying of pretty thinks and watching series.

If you’re curious enough, please feel free to visit my Instagram account, which is about both dolls and still lifes! ^_^