Rendez-Vous in Lyon…

Here we are !
Meet me in Lyon, France the 27th and 28th of October for the LDoll (find all the information on the festival’s website).

My booth is the #51, and since you’ve been many to ask me about my stock, it’s time to talk about it.



I already revealed the four crystal dragons.  A lot of unique Puppy Eyes are also waiting for you.

I later teased you with some OOAK Anime Heads…but I’m happy to announce than another one is joining the party, a lovely Dollce head, who will perfectly fit on Obitsu and Dollfie Dream bodies.






A full Dollfie Dream Dynamite will also be up for adoption.
And speaking of full dolls, meet these two adorable cutesies that will come in fullsets, Good Evening Fluffy (milk) and Good Night Bunny (mocha).







And of course, the Seers.  Wanna meet one of these cute monster girls in person? This is it! Meet the Sisters n°8 et 9, Blue Sirena and Red Sirena.






13 OOAKs will be available at my table, and other surprises will be waiting for you on the whole festival! Like amazing collaborations with doll-makers, and a lovely Aileen Doll to win at the lottery.



See you soon in Lyon!  ♥