“Seer on Demand” 2018 Event

Hey everyone!

Last year, I started to work on a very peculiar line of OOAK doll heads, the “Seer Series”.
These dolls were meant to crystallize my most nostalgic pop culture influences, from the epic kawaiiness of shoujo aesthetics to the creepiest codifications of horror.

Surrealistic, cute, uncanny… the Seers were designed to fit all these criteria.

So far, 8 Sisters were made. Some of them as different as can be, and others almost twin-like. They were all made from Dollfie Dream basic heads, and met a lot of enthusiasm – I have no words to tell you how happy I am with how welcomed these ladies were, despite being so peculiar, thank you so much guys!





I also know a lot of people were disappointed that they missed some sales that were over very quickly.
That’s why I decided to open special custom slots this summer for the 3rd eye modification, the Seer on Demand Event.

From June to August 2018, you’ll be able to send me your vinyl heads to give them a unique Seer look: your specifications, my style, the head of your choice. To get it right, here are all the information!

● Event period:
June-August 2018

● Are the slots limited?
Yes, I may refuse some orders if I have too many, so please contact me early if you want to join the event.

● Which heads are on?
Any vinyl heads from 1/6 to 1/3. For example: Dollfie Dreams, Visual Dolls, Obitsu, Parabox, Angel Philia, Azone Iris collection, Smart Dolls…

●What’s the price?
€130 + fees. It includes the modification and the face-up.
As always, you may provide eyelashes if you want me to attach them, and layaway will be available for this event.

● Will it be possible to buy resin eyes to fit the head?
Absolutely! I cannot promise they’ll be made on demand, but I’ll make sure to have a pretty stock to offer a huge variety of looks and colors.



And that’s it for today! You can contact me through the social networks or through the usual form here. I can’t wait to discover the projects you’ll submit!

On the other hand, that cuttie down there is still waiting for a new home, so if you want a ready-to-ship lovely three-eyed girl, have a look at this sale’s topic (only in French, sorry, but you can contact me for details).




Lots of hugs everyone,