Upgrade of the Form

Hello everybody !

Some of you already tested it, but the order form was recently upgraded.

Thanks to this, the registration system through the website should be swifter, and I hope it will prevent the order page from bugging.

When you fill-up the form (be sure you complete all the questions) and send it, you should get a validation message -or an error message if your form wasn’t send for x reason.
If you encounter a bug, or if I don’t answer your request in the week, please contact me on social networks or directly at koalakrashdolls(at)gmail.com .

Taking the occasion to show you some of my latest faceups, feathuring dolls who wears Koala Krash resin eyes.


Classic commissions are still open this summer, and I should soon have great news to announce here, so stay tuned!

Clem – Koala


Banner: Linus – Twilight Soul