Water Lillies


Though the Winter allowed us to make a lot of amazing pictures of our dollies in the snow, I bet many of you are as impatient as I am for warmer days to come!

As we wait for the Spring, let me introduce you to a doll I recently painted for a customer: a pretty Misterminou Nyx, covered in water lillies taken straight from Claude Monet’s masterpieces.









As announced previously, I’ve started to accept orders for the pretty plastic dragons from Aileen Doll, and I can now give you specific prices for them:

– Sanding 10€
– Assembling 10€
– Basic painting (full doll) 70€

If you’re not confident enough to sand and assemble them yourself, you can have them directly shipped from Aileen’s UK shop to my workshop.





Also, new OOAK dolls should hit the market pretty soon! These unique Dollfie Dreams from the “Seer Serie” had the spotlight these past months, now it’s time to give it back to Pullips and baby dragons! Please remember to follow my updates on the social networks if you don’t want to miss anything. ^_^