What’s Up?

Hey everyone!

You probably already know it if you’re following me on the social network, but the make-up were delayed pretty recently. Everything is back to normal though, and it shouldn’t impact my incoming planning (June and July).
So feel free to contact me if you want to discuss a new project for this Summer. 🙂


Also, two new designs are available for the Puppy Eyes.
As a reminder, Puppy Eyes are resin anime eyes, with a deepness. They are all designed and drawn by me. They can be worn by dolls usually wearing from 18 to 24mm eyes, but have a most perfect render for dolls who wear 22mm.



Colors of Soul have a deep black iris and rich colors.
Ghost, is the crystal counterpart, with white iris and pastel shades

They are not available online yet. But I do have some pairs in stock, so feel free to contact me if you want a specific color, I’ll take pics on demand.




As always, feel free to follow me on social medias for more regular content. ^_^