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Customization Services for Fine & Collectible Dolls

About the Artist

Image: Portrait of Clémentine Dantard

Greetings, I'm Clem! I'm a seasoned makeup artist specializing in collectible dolls.

My resume is a bit all-over the place, but, long story short, after years of creative studies and jobs (costume assistant, painter, scientific illustrator, photographer), I ended-up doing one of the things I loved the most since teenagehood: breathing life into your beautiful dolls, by painting them. I've been honing my craft since 2008, and thanks to the amazing response of the community, I've been able to work full-time on it since 2016.

I'm based in France (Europe), and I've had the privilege of working across diverse doll genres — Pullips, Blythes, fashion, and play line dolls — but my models of predilection are resin and vinyl ball jointed dolls (BJD).

I almost exclusively work to order. But, sometimes, I exceptionally offer one of a kind pieces for sale: customized doll heads, full dolls, and doll stands. These might be available during physical events or via direct contact on my social networks. The best way to see what's available is to keep an eye on my Instagram account — which is where I'm the most active at the moment.

Beyond the artistry, I live and work near Versailles, where I've turned into that cliché internet artist, sipping coffee and tea all day, in the company of my bunnies, books, and plants (a match made in heaven). I'm a homebody with a soft spot for food, fashion, Pokémon cards, video games and cinema. I sometimes escape my cave to roam museums and other art events.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Feel free to join me on ​​Instagram​​ if you'd like to keep an eye on my portfolio (and have extra shenanigans in stories). If you prefer fewer updates, ​​my FB page​​ is for you, and for older projects you can check my Flickr accounts (​​2018–2021 archives​​, or ​​older archives​​).

If you're considering me for a future project, you can take a look at my ​​Terms & Pricing​​ section, and the ​​FAQ​​ for a deeper dive.

Any further questions? Just hit the contact button, and I'll get back to you by email within a few days.