Koala Krash

Customization Services for Fine & Collectible Dolls

About the Artist

Image: Portrait of Clémentine Dantard
Photographie par Ezi

Clémentine Dantard was born in France in 1991. She began learning applied Arts early-on, later devoting herself to painting and photography at the ​​Atelier de Sèvres​​, and at the ​​Fine Arts Institute of Paris​​.

As a student, she discovered a passion for contemporary fine collectible dolls. She started painting and modifying them in 2007.​
​While training and working as a theater costume assistant, an artist, and later a scientific illustrator in entomology, she continued to experiment with dolls in various ways.​
​In 2017 she began customizing dolls as her full-time professional activity under the name Koala Krash.

Her work is influenced by the 90s European-American and contemporary Japanese pop-culture which she grew up with; but also by art History, cinema and theater, which represent the foundation of her work.

Today, she is located in the Paris area and mainly works to order from her home workshop. She also creates unique pieces, which are regularly for sale during physical events or via direct contact through email and social networks.