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Frequently Asked Questions

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Painted Dolls: Longevity and How to Handle Them?

Despite the use of various sealants, the dolls I work on should be handled with caution, as they are ultimately hand-painted objects. The most common sources of wear on the painting are:

  • Direct contact with the painted parts (touching the parts, rough materials scratching the parts, rough surfaces, etc.).
  • Wear and tear due to movement around the joints.
  • Extreme temperature variations that might affect the sealants.

If you frequently handle your dolls and don't feel confident about caring for a fully painted doll (make-up + body blush), I recommend opting for only painting the head (make-up), hands (manicure), and possibly the feet (pedicure). Even if the body is left blank, having the extremities painted to match the make-up will create a sense of balance and a more finished look for your doll. Especially if your doll is clothed most of the time.

If you view your doll as an art piece and wish to leave it mostly untouched, and/or naked, to appreciate the body sculpt, having it fully painted will definitely be a plus aesthetically. For certain projects, typically involving larger dolls with extensive body painting, I can opt to suede the joints. This should reduce joint friction when you move them, thereby minimizing scratches around these areas.

I exclusively use sealants that are capable of being chemically removed. Please refrain from applying products like thinners, alcohol, or acetone to your painted doll, as these substances will dissolve the sealant and remove the painting.

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Can I send a doll to you, even if I'm not in the European Union?

As you may know, I am based in France. This means that if you are located outside the European Union (EU), there is a possibility that your package may incur Value Added Tax (VAT) charges upon entering the EU. VAT is a tax applied to goods and services within the EU, and it's collected by customs authorities. Please note that these charges are not under my control and are determined by our local customs regulations.

If you're comfortable covering the additional fee, I'm more than happy to paint dolls for owners from around the world. You will find online calculators to help you estimate the price of the VAT.

Upon the package's arrival at my workshop (sometimes before it's even delivered), I promptly pay the associated taxes to prevent any storage charges. I kindly request that you reimburse me for these fees as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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Can I send multiple dolls in a single shipment?

Yes. This approach can help you save on shipping costs, which can sometimes be expensive, particularly if you're not located in France.

Please inform me in advance if you plan to use a layaway option. However, please note that I might need to decline longer layaway periods or larger dolls/boxes due to limited storage space in my workshop. This ensures that your multiple, possibly large dolls don't stay with me for an extended duration, waiting for the layaway period to conclude. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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How to book a slot with you? And what is your process?

To reserve a slot for your project, please follow these steps:

  • Form Submission: Complete the form available on my website. If the form is currently closed, it indicates that I am not accepting requests at this time.
  • Pre-Questions: If you have inquiries before proceeding, kindly use the contact form on my website. Please avoid discussing project details via social media.

The completed form plays a crucial role in guiding the project's progression. It aids in project assessment, cost estimation, and ensuring a comprehensive approach when I commence the doll painting process. While some specifics may be refined (or even changed) during our discussions, having a concise overview at this stage is vital.

As you fill out the form, ensure that all fields are completed, particularly those pertaining to your personal information. These details are essential for generating an accurate invoice and ensuring seamless shipping. Please provide a complete and accurate address, and a phone number, as I will need it when shipping back your doll(s) to you.

  • After submitting the form (you'll receive an on-screen confirmation), I will contact you via email to discuss your project.
  • I'll provide a price estimation, occasionally with a range for more extensive projects, as precise time requirements can vary.
  • If you find the estimation acceptable, I'll share my address for shipping the doll(s) to me.

Please be aware that canceling a project without a valid reason after I've provided my shipping address, ghosting, or delaying shipping for an extended period might lead to refusal of future collaboration. Instances of abuse in these areas have prompted me to safeguard my time and energy.

Shipping and Payment:

  • Once your package arrives, I'll inform you if any taxes are applicable (refer to the section on packages from outside the European Union). If taxes are present, I'll cover them initially and request a prompt refund from you.
  • Your doll(s) will be added to my waiting list upon receipt of the package.
  • Typically, I paint dolls in the order of their arrival at my workshop, except for cases involving layaway arrangements.
  • In the instance of a layaway, it can commence once the package reaches my workshop. Doll(s) won't be returned until all services are fully paid. Sometimes, dolls with full payment may receive priority in the painting queue due to the inherent wait-time of layaway plans.
  • If you've chosen full payment, I'll request it after your project is completed and approved. Shipping fees will be a separate payment.
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