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Customization Services for Fine & Collectible Dolls

On this page, you'll find all the information about my painting service: price list, terms of service, disclaimers, and other important things you need to know.

I won't accept any order if you do not attest to having read these points, and any claim concerning these points will be void.

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Useful information

  • ​Payment:​​ PayPal (The fees will be at your charge, which is in accordance with PayPal France's ToS).
  • You may ask for a ​​layaway​​ (for projects over 100€ only).
  • ​Shipping:​​ I use Colissimo with insurance and tracking numbers.
  • ​My 100% positive Feedback:​​ ​​Matériel Céleste​​, ​​Den of Angels​​, ​​Army of Moe​​.

The Dolls I accept

  • Resin BJD.
  • Vinyl BJD (Dollfie Dream, Obitsu, Angel Phillia…).
  • Pullips and Blythes (if sanded).

What I don't do

  • Work on recasts (which are bootlegs/counterfeit, and illegal to possess in my country).
  • Sanding lines (or anything else).
  • Generally, mods (additive or subtractive) are to be discussed for each project.


  • When I protect your dolls—before working on them—I put at least three layers of fixative. But depending on the resin type and random chemical reactions, accidents like stains may sometimes happen. I do not take responsibility for any such reactions.

    I will avoid aggressive pigments—such as pure acrylic or china ink—and corrosive varnishes so as not to damage the protective layer.

  • I may not be held liable in the case that any problems occur during shipping.
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How to prepare your doll for shipping

  • Your doll must be clean and blank (if it's not, I'll charge you an additional fee).
  • The box must be solid and contain all the necessary for me to protect it when I send it back.
  • You can send your doll unstrung, but assembly and stringing will occur additional fees.


  • ​Make-up (3–5″ heads):​​ ​60–80​€
  • ​Make-up (6–9″ heads):​​ ​100​€
  • ​Make-up for Pullip/Blythe:​​ ​120​€
  • ​Make-up for Lusion and bigger dolls:​​ ​160​€
  • ​Body Blush (10–30cm):​​ ​50–80​€
  • ​Body Blush (35–65cm):​​ ​100​€
  • ​Hands or Feet:​​ ​20​€
  • ​Tattoo:​​ ​30​€/hour

These prices concern basic face-ups and blushes. A high level of detail will incur additional costs.

♥ Procedure and important points ♥

  • All customization orders must go through ​​this form​​. If any relevant sections are left empty, I will do as I please.
  • I paint dolls ​​in the order in which I receive them​​.
  • Except for projects paid in layaway, in case of a busy waiting list, they may not have priority.
  • Layaways will be scheduled beforehand, in case of non-respect of this schedule, additional fees may occur, and I might refuse to work with you in the future.
  • If you chose to go with a payment in once, please actually keep the money aside for this project. I had too many people asking me to pay months after their doll was finished. This is unfair to people who gave up priority by going through a layaway, and to me, as this is my day job. Late fees will apply to you if the lateness of the payment is excessive, and I might refuse to work with you in the future.
  • Please remember that I am not a robot, ​​a large part of what I do is creative work​​, I can't always do precisely what you have in mind.
  • I ​​do not​​ send “in progress” pics, so please be sure to be as clear as possible, both in your form, and in our discussions through emails.
  • I will not redo a body blush or tattoo if it isn't satisfactory. I will redo a face-up for free ​​if it actually doesn't fit your specifications​​.
  • If a face-up fits your specifications, but doesn't appeal to you, I can redo it for half-price.

For further details, please consult the ​​FAQ​​.

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