Grand Shop Opening!

Hello cutie pals!

I’m super proud and glad to announce the opening of the website’s store!

It’s super easy to contact me through forums and social networks, but I know some people aren’t at ease with these; that’s why I wanted to make the website more complete.

If you’re interested in a product, you can contact me directly through the item page. This system allows me to answer all of your questions, but it also helps me find the perfect shipping method depending on where you live.
You’re more and more numerous each year to buy from me from overseas (thank you so much!), and I didn’t wish for that part to be automatic. I’m quite fussy when it comes to shipping preparation- I want everything to be perfect for worldwide customers.



I really wanted a lovely display to list my available products, I hope you’ll enjoy it! <3
More OOAK dolls and heads should be incoming soon, but also resin eyes. Stay tuned!


Clem – Koala