Arnold Quartzanegger — Sold Out

“Isn’t it the most lovely
Of all the Pet Rocks?”


“Quartzy” is a Fuego Fatuo’s Stone Sprite. A resin ball jointed doll produced in very limited quantity some years ago.

I always wanted to turn that lovely rock in a glittery mineral, that’s how this one of a kind was born.
It was painted, and then customized on a pink quartz thematic, with a heavy patina, and real quartz stones.
Please note than even if you can manipulate it freely, it’s still a fragile customization, and it must be handled with care.

That lovely gem will come with its original eyes, ice blue glass ones.

The price doesn’t include shipping and PayPal fees.
Layaway is available for this head.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.