Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends — Sold Out

«Even in the darkest nights

The thousand flakes of jewels she adorned herself with

Shattered obscurity itself»




« Diamonds » is a one of a kind head.
It’s an Angel Philia (Pink Drops) Type P head, in tan skin. It was painted then varnished with fine and holographic glitter.
Type P is an exclusive model of Angel Philia, it has never been released as a full doll yet.
Her half closed eyes are painted.


This sale is for the head only. It will fit any Angel Philia, VMF50, or Pink Drops body, in tan color.


She will come painted as seen in the photos, with eyelashes.
She will also come with a neck intern mechanism.

The price doesn’t include shipping and PayPal fees.
Layaway is available for this head.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.