The Crystal Age

LDoll is getting closer and closer… and my stock is growing nicely.

As previously announced, I’m looking to have a variety of things at my table. But I mostly really want to have some really affordable One of a Kind pieces.

For that reason, I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to the festival without a few of Aileen’s lovely Dragons. I know many of you were happy for the opportunity to get one of my customizations for way cheaper than one of a resin doll.

I also wanted the Festival dolls to be specials, that’s why these lovely critters will be more precious than usual… Crystal Season is starting!





These 4 One of a Kind will be available at my table the 27th and 28th October, in Lyon, France.  If some of them aren’t sold there, they will be uploaded on my online store.







But they won’t be the only baby dragons at the festival that I’ll have painted. Indeed, the team at Aileen Doll Europe and myself decided to team up; this adorable, magical white Ashes is born!
We gifted him to the LDoll Festival, where he will be either a contest prize, or available to win through the lottery!




Meanwhile, feel free to check the Store, I updated it with new resin dolls up for adoption.
You can totally buy them here and get them at the LDoll festival if you’re attending, feel free to ask!





I’ll see you soon with more information about the Festival’s stock. Have a lovely Summer’s end! ♥